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What Is Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a top video editor app. it can be installed on iPhone and Android. It consists of all those features that make the user satisfied with their video editing experience on kinemaster.

In the sections below, I will share How’s my experience with this App, what this App is offering to video editing lovers and how its features benefit the users.

Kinemaster Price

Kinemaster is a free app, but a subscription offer is also available. You can enjoy a vast sum of features free of cost, Such as adding text, layers, transitions, effects, trimming, and much more in the videos.

 Additional features like unlimited premium assets, add free, and no watermark are available to only those who subscribe to their offers.

kinemaster price


Kinemaster brings ease for those who love to make videos ideally. Over a hundred million people are taking advantage of this single App for editing their videos.

Benefits of kinemaster

Some of the main benefits include

  • Makes impressive videos
  • You can add text of any size and in any font
  • Transitioning the video is very easy
  • Can create animated videos
  • Works fast
  • You can also add music, audio, and recorded voice. The music is available on the kinemaster store.
  • You can download many transition effects from their store

The above-mentioned positive points and many others are available free. On subscription, a bundle of other benefits is also known that the video editors will never want to miss out on.

13 Distinctive Features Of kinemaster

There are specific unique properties of every App that makes it mindblowing. Similarly following are the main features of this video editing software which makes it a leading app.

13 Distinctive Features Of kineMaster:

Multi-layered video tool

There is an option of layer in the App that appears while you are editing your video. Use this to add more layers to your video. layer videos are unique and help to deliver the best results.

Multi-layered video tool kinemaster

Adding Effects

Effects make videos more stunning. Video’s outlook depends on the attractive and well-selected results.

The Kinemaster app provides a bunch of various products to make the videos look great. These effects include primary effects and many others.

Adding Effects kinemaster

Add Texts

If you want to add texts in your videos and have kinemaster in your Android, iPad, or iPhone, don’t worry because it has the feature of text addition. 

You can add texts in your video in any font, in any direction, and with different text colors. Only this video editor software provides this massive diversity of text placed in the video.

Add Texts kinemaster

Add on Music

Videos without music don’t look very cool. Many of us love to add sound to our videos. For this, there is an option of adding background music in the Kinemaster. 

If you want to add music, audio, recording, or any sound, you can add it within seconds in video with the help of a kinemaster. There is a music store in the App, and you can also select any of your favorite music from there.

Add on Music kinemaster

Put on transition

Transitions add a unique look to your video. It makes the video more effective and engaging. 

There are many transitions of KineMaster available such as transitional activity, travel and activity, sentimental, text transition, presentation, powerful, fun transition, Picture in Picture and multi-video, classic transition, and 3D transition. 

You can add any of these transitions to your video to improve their overall look and results.

Put on transition:

Trim Video

In most cases, we need to cut the required video and leave only that part that has a compelling message. For this, there is the option to cut the videotape in kinemaster. You can easily trim up the video clip within seconds. It makes perfect video length. It is possible to cut all the unwanted scenes from the film by just trimming them properly.

Trim Video in kinemaster

Select any aspect ratio

There are different aspect ratios for videos. Different aspect ratio suits other videos. It is your own choice to select the aspect ratio before starting to edit the video.

 It is not needed to download a separate app for this purpose because the App is enough. It also has the option to select and design your video in any aspect ratio. The available video aspect ratios are 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 4:5, and 2.35.1.

Select any aspect ratio

Export video on any platform

After completing the video editing process, you can export your video to any social platform such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok, and other known platforms. You can also save the tape in your phone memory.

Export video on any platform kinemaster

Make Animated Videos

There are multiple apps available to make animated videos. This App mentioned above is also used to make animated films. For this purpose, various features and functions in this App make the animation more attractive and exciting.

make animated videos

Add Stickers

In the kinemaster video editing app, classic stickers are available that you can easily add to your videos to decorate them further.

add stickers

Attach Images

 To add photos to your videos, you can use them quickly and without much effort. Just click on the media option on the large icon. As a result, all the photos and videos will appear that are saved on your phone. Select the one you want to add to the video.

Attach Images kinemaster

Put in the Background photo

There is also the option of adding a background image in the kinemaster. If there is a need for this, then try this feature of kinemaster too. It will also make the Background more decent.

 Handwriting Addition

If you want to write something on the video as handwriting, you can click on the handwriting option placed on the large icon on the right side. Now write everything you want.

 Handwriting Addition


The overall performance of the kinemaster is best. It has a bundle of features available free to everyone. You even don’t need a continuous strong internet connection to use the App. 

For making your videos great, kinemaster does its job flawlessly. The main requirements for editing a video are correctly placed in the kinemaster that everyone can avail at any place and time.

How to edit videos In Kinemaster

KineMaster video editor is a smooth and accessible app that you can use efficiently.

To edit videos in this app, open the App, select the create-project option, choose an aspect ratio, pick the video you want to edit, and start editing the video using multiple available tools.

How to Save Video In Kinemaster

To save the videos, click on the Export option on one top corner of the screen. Next, select both the resolution and frame rate for the video and click on the share and save option that appears on the full line of the page.

How to Save Video In Kinemaster

KineMaster Effects Download

You can download the effects from various websites. In addition, many websites are offering free effects of kinemaster.

Kinemaster Background Video Download

To download the background video for kinemaster, visit different websites on google that offer dozens of such videos.

Pros and Cons

9 Mind-blowing Advantages Of Kinemaster

There are many advantages of this App out there, but the main positive points are as follows.

  • Edit video perfectly
  • No need for continuous internet connection while editing video
  • You can add anything to the video clip according to the need
  • App runs fast
  • No harmful feature
  • You can put resolution and frame rate of your own choice
  • User-friendly App
  • Best tools available in it
  • You can make multi-layered video

3 Disadvantages of Kinemaster You should be aware of

Although this App is user-friendly, some of its negative points are mentioned below.

  1. Leaves watermark in free version, but if you get a subscription, you can remove the watermark
  2. No feature for controlling the audio speed
  3. Can not edit more than one video at a time

Alternative Apps Of Kinemaster

Although it is a good app overall, some other apps like KineMaster are also available that people benefit from. Some of the best-reviewed and good stared apps include;

  • VivaVideo
  • Vimeo create
  • In short
  • Cap cut
  • VMX
  • Videoshop
  • Video
  • Filmore
  • Powerdirector
  • Quik

Countless other apps are also there by which we can make our video editing process fast and easy. However, those mentioned above are the best video editing apps you can use for editing purposes.


Numerous video editing apps are available on the play store, apple store, and many websites. All of them are Unique due to any main feature.

 But in kinemaster, you get all those features in one place that are required for video editing. It is a top leading and has millions of downloaders. It makes editing the video and sets a proper aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate.

Download KineMaster To enjoy All The Unique Video Editing Features

Kinemaster’s new version download is available on the play store, apple store, and many websites. Download the latest version of this App and enjoy editing the videos, which are very cozy and entertaining. You can also download the App Kinemaster by clicking on the given link.

Frequently asked questions and answer

Kinemaster is a top-rated app that is used to edit videos flawlessly and effortlessly. It consists of all those features that make the video editing process more trouble-free.

You can use kinemaster to edit, preview, create, and export videos for all platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. So you can use the kinemaster App for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and all other sites.

KineMaster is a top leading video editing app that provides many advantages to users. You can get better at video editing by using this App and by practicing continuously on this software.

If you delete the kinemaster App, you will lose all the projects created on it. Also, by clearing the app data in the device, you will eliminate all the App storage saved in your device.

Kinemaster is a combination of both the free and subscription version. You can use this App free with multiple features. But some of the premium features are available only on subscription.

Kinemaster is a South Korean multimedia software company. It is not a Chinese app. However, the kinemaster software company has its branches in China, US, and Spain.

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