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How To Use NordVPN

A VPN “Virtual Private Network” is a network that keeps all online activities safe and protects all your details from malware. NordVPN is a popular virtual private network. If you want to know “How to use NordVPN,” read this article; it will help you.

Definition Of VPN

 It is a service that keeps the whole online platform safe and protects your personal information by hiding your IP address. In addition, a VPN allows you to connect to public wifi.


It is a software available for many devices such as android, iPhone, Mac, Pc windows, and Linux that enables the users to unwaveringly use public wifi connections and feed everything without fearing personal information privacy.

It is one of the fast and most impregnable software for virtual privacy used worldwide.

How To Use NordVPN

To use it, you don’t need to be an expert. It is very easy to use. Following are the simple steps that show how it works.

Download App

To use this VPN for privacy, you first have to install this program on your mobile.


Once this virtual private network is inducted, open it and complete its setup on your cell phone.

Find Best Server

It provides up to 5,100 servers worldwide. You can choose anyone from them.

 You can press a particular country pin and can select it.

And for your ease, there is an option of “Quick Connect,” so click on it, and their network will set the content for you by itself.

How To Use NordVPN

How To Setup NordVPN On Different Devices

It provides massive comfort to its users by bringing different versions that you can easily use on windows, android, iPhone, and Mac. So now You can Protect your privacy and use any wifi connection by using it on any device.

On iPhone

To use it on an iPhone, follow these steps and enjoy private connections anywhere you go.


  • Go to apple store
  • search “NordVPN”
  • Download it from here

Crete Account

Log in to start using the application. However, if you don’t have an account, create the account within a few minutes and enjoy your data protection.

Connect to The Safest Host

  • Open the system
  • Get connected to any server.
  • The country’s pins will turn green once the assistant is connected.
  • You will get a message of connection to the country displayed on the screen, and a VPN icon will also appear on the screen top.
On iPhone

On Android

Using it on android is a cinch. Follow the given steps to protect your privacy by using this leading VPN for your phone.

Install App

  • Go to google play store.
  • Search “NordVPN”
  • Now locate it
  • Open the its package in your android

Create An Account

Create an account once the application is baptized. If you already have an account, then simply login into it.

Select Server

Click Quick connect” in the software to connect to the best server. You can also select them down the line.

On Android


To use it on a desktop computer, follow these steps.

  • Visit their network by opening a browser
  • Download the program for your windows from there
  • Induct it on your computer
  • Login into it
  • Select a server of your choice
  • Now you can use the fast and risk-free vpn on your mac to insulate all the online activities.
on PC

For Netflix

This VPN works great for Netflix.

Sign up

  • Create an account or log into it if you already have one
  • Select a suitable pacDownload Custom Application:
  • Download it for your device

Unblock Desired Content Library

Now it’s time to decide which content Library you want to unblock and unblock it.

Setup Any Server

Many servers are available on it. Choose the one that works great in your location.

Open Netflix By Login Into It

Now go to Netflix the Library will appear. Start streaming by watching videos of your interest.

On Router

Using it on a modem not only provides you with safe and guarded privacy, but it also keeps entire devices connected to Netgear safe. It even covers all those devices that do not support every VPN. You can protect your home devices by using a single slot of it on the router.

Follow these general steps to use this amazing vpn on an adapter, although the setup procedure may differ from device to device.

  • First, make sure that the modem supports the VPN features.
  • Open the google engine and visit their website
  • Here a search box will appear to enter your DSL name into it
  • Now log into the router by entering the IP address in the address bar
  • Finally, configure your ethernet

Enjoy fast setup on your modem.

On Router

On Chrome

You can safely do searches on chrome by using this vpn. It not only saves your search engine from jackleg but also saves your IP address.

Purchase It:

You can get its extension through given plans that suit you best. The available plans include

1-month plan

1-year plan

Two years plan

Add Chrome Extension

  • Go to your Google chrome web store
  • Search for this software
  • Add its extension to your chrome

Create Account

Once you add the aforementioned chrome extension to your web, open it and create an account if you don’t have one. Then, log into it and enjoy easy browsing if you already have an account. Its login is safe and guarded.

How To Use NordVPN Free

To use it freely, you have to try their free trial available for 30 days.

If you are not contented with its features, you can cancel the plan anytime and get your money back as you cancel the trial within 30 days of practice.


It is one of the top leading services that ease users by making the world wide web safer.

Following are the main features that make it superior to other VPNs.

Accurate Encryption

Your findings are at threat all the time. It can be leaked anytime on the net. To protect yourself from online harm, you can use VPN. It makes the user’s safety its top priority, creating a protected connection like a tunnel. Whenever you visit a web page, your IP address and location will be safe, and no party on the web will be able to reach your personal information.

Blocks suspicious sites and Intrusive ads

It makes you feel safer by blocking malicious websites and unnecessary ads. This enhanced security provides you with more peace of mind. You can flip through without fear of your statistics being harmed.

Double Privacy

It keeps its users more confident by making their personal information more preserved through the double VPN function that enables twice the encryption of your figures. You reach your targeted online network destination safely and securely through this feature.

Prevents Data from Leaking to the Internet

Use kill switch security in it and cushion your details from leaking on sites. It is just like a bulletproof security system for your specifics.

Fast Speed Vpn

It is one of the fastest VPN software in the market that works perfectly by allowing you to explore, download, and stream anything quickly and securely.

How To Use NordVPN Free

Pros And Cons


  • Defend your access information and browsing
  • Protect your privacy
  • Works fast
  • Available for a large number of devices
  • It provides you with peace of mind
  • Better for online gaming
  • Protects your IP address and location
  • keeps your information safe from drudge.


  • It’s a paid VPN
  • The subscription offer is not available for more than one month
  • Sometimes may slow the hyperspace speed

Download Now

If you want to protect your material from stealing in the infobahn world, then download this vpn now and enjoy its unique and beneficial features that enable you to confirm your insight in the very best way.


Nordvpn is one of the best tools that defend the connection between you and the net by keeping your facts safe from leaking and providing fast and out-of-harm browsing. Its multiple versions are available for different devices that enable you to use it on several devices anytime.

Frequently asked questions and answer

To use it on the computer, follow the given steps.

  • Go to its website by opening a browser
  • Download software of this VPN for your personal computer from there
  • Install it on your windows
  • Log into it
  • Select a server of your choice
  • Now you can use it on your desktop to guard full online activities.

To turn it on, go to settings, then connections, and then into other connection settings and finally into the VPN option. Here you will see the “Always On” toggle turn it on.

Provides you with a safe and immune web connection that protects you from every online harm. It is effortless to use. It contains the greatest features that make it possible for anyone to use it quickly and securely.

It is a risk-free virtual private network software that makes every web activity safe and keeps your findings safe from opening a particular online forum and malware.

It is used for keeping a fast and riskless connection between the user and the internet. It supports your entire activities privately and provides you with safe browsing, gaming, and streaming.

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