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how to use kinemaster

Are You the one who enjoys editing their videos by themselves? Well, kinemaster is the best Android and iPhone app that does its job assuredly. However, if you have no idea how to use kinemaster, do not worry; ideally, the following points will help you.

How to Use Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a top leading video editing app. It is free to use, but some of the different qualities are available on subscriptions.

The following steps will show you how to edit video in kinemaster.

Install the kinemaster app from the google play store, apple store, or website to edit the video.

 how to edit video in kinemaster.

Organize a Concept

Before anything else, create an inspiring idea about the editing of video. Once you are done with this, go further to accomplish your target.

Open the App for Creating New Projects

 After installing the app, opening it, the main page will appear where different options are given. Select the option of creating a new project.

Creating New Projects

Aspect Ratio Selection

There are a variety of options for aspect ratio. Choose this according to your need and interest. For example, 9∶6 suits Instagram channel videos, 16∶9 is best for Youtube videos while 1∶1 for small screens, and 4∶3 records more information vertically.

Aspect Ratio Selection

Select Video by Opening the Media 

Now the main work starts. First, choose a video that you want to edit from the media browser. After this, click on the tick symbol on the top right side of the screen to start the video editing.

To add other video clips, repeat the same process.

Select Video by Opening the Media 

Video Trimming

Finally, it is time to trim your video. If you don’t know how to trim video on kinemaster, then follow the below-given steps.

 Select the video; a yellow bar and a scissors menu appear on the bottom of the screen. From here, select the video trimming according to your choice.

Four trimming options appear by clicking on the scissors menu. These options include Trim to right of played, trim to the left of played, split and insert freeze frame, and split at play head. Choose any one of these given alternatives.

When one of the trimming options is selected, the video is trimmed. To check the final look of the video, play it. After satisfaction, click on the checkmark to proceed further.

Video Trimming kinemaster

Adding Transitions in Videos

It is facile to add the transitions in videos. There appears a plus sign on the diversion of every video. Download transition from the kinemaster store.

 If you want to add transitions, click on the plus sign. Several options will appear on the right side of the screen. Choose any of your favorite changes from the given options. Here you are done with it. Click on the check sign on the right side of the screen to proceed further.

If you want to see the video with applied transitions, play the video.

Adding Transitions in video

Add Text to Videos in Kinemaster

There is a layer icon in the main menu. Click the layer icons. Several options will display on the screen. From these options, select the text icon. Now write the text you want to add to your video. After this, tick ok.

 Text can be seen clearly on video. You can increase or decrease the text size by tapping and dragging.

There are multiple fonts available; you can write in your favorite font. There are also the options of text-shadow, color, and background.

Add Text to Videos

Background Music 

For putting background music in your kinemaster video editing, select audio from your phone, or you can also search the required music on the kinemaster, you can record voice on the spot, or you can also add the recorded audio.

After selecting the song, click on the red plus sign to add that music to the video.

There is a red vertical line on the video, and you have to adjust it to start the music from that point.

If you want to change the music, click on the music option again and repeat, adding any other audio track.

Background Music  kinemasters

Export And Share The Video Edited On Kinemaster App

After completing all the steps, now the video is ready to export in the mobile gallery. So now you can share a video clip made with kine master with the world.

For exporting video, after getting satisfied with the final results, click on the export button. Select the resolution and frame rate of your choice before exporting the video.

 Video Edited On Kinemaster

Kinemaster Animation

You can create various animations in Kinemaster. 

  • Start by creating a motion background from a still photograph
  • Kinemaster apply little animation by default
  • Start editing
  • Click on the image many options will appear on the right side of the screen
  • Select the pan and zoom option and set the scene by zooming In or zooming out until you get satisfied,
  • Click the layer button and then the overlay
  • Download any overlay set from kinemaster by clicking on the kinemaster asset store
  • The selected element will appear on the working page
  • Adjust the position and size of the elements on the page
  • The Keyframes icon appears on the left vertical line on the screen. Click this icon to enable it
  • Adjust the play head properly
  • Play the animation to see the final results

You can also create a drop and push animation for text with the help of a kinemaster.

How to crop video in kinemaster?

For cropping video clips using kinemaster, follow the following steps.

  • Open the app
  • Start a new project
  • Delete the video from the project
  • Tap on media and import a photo to use it as a video background
  • Change the duration
  • Tap anywhere on the screen. All main features will appear there
  • Tap on layer
  • From here, click on the media option 
  • Import the video you want to crop
  • Trim the video if needed
  • Select and resize (zoom in or zoom out❳ the video
  • Scroll down the right-hand side menu by selecting the video
  • The cropping option appear here
  • Select the cropping, and start cropping the video by long pressing on the corner, swipe, and then release
  • Change video position easily after cutting it
  • Now you are done with trimming the video on kinemaster
  • Continue editing the video further if you want; otherwise, export and share your video


For video editing, kinemaster is one of the best top-ranked apps available for iOS and Android. You can show your creativity by editing videos with the help of a kinemaster. It is not only practical, but edit also saves your time by functioning fast.

Kinemaster use is safe and secure. It is a full-featured video editing tool by which you can add effects, text, graphics, music, and many more.

Download Kinemaster Now to Edit Videos Ideally

For editing video clips flawlessly, download the kinemaster right now and enjoy its unique features to make your video look more stunning and superb.

For editing clips more elegantly, you can try kinemaster color image download and frame resources. It enhances the video’s appearance and makes it more eye-catching.

Basic features are accessible to the users. However, some of the pro features are available only on subscriptions.

Frequently asked questions and answer

To edit videos on mobile, download the kinemaster, one of the top leading video editing tools with bundles of unique and helpful features that make your video look perfect.

Kinemaster is a professional, highly featured app used to edit videos on Android and iPhone. It has multiple features that enable the user to edit high-quality videos with the help of a considerable number of tools it possesses.

Kinemaster is a video editing app that is free and subscription-based. Multiple basic professional video editing features are free, but some of the high professional features are based on subscription.

Kinemaster is the most helpful video editing app that lets users edit their videos properly. It provides the option of combining multiple videos and audio tracks to make a single video. It also helps you to trim or crop your videos. You can add background effects, texts, and layers to the video.

To use kinemaster, follow these steps.

  • Download the latest version of kinemaster
  • Open the app
  • Select create new
  • Import the video you want to edit
  • Now start editing the video by using multiple features like adding text, effects, layers, transitions, etc. if you want 

You can get a Kinemaster login by creating a subscription account on it. However, by signing up on the app, you agree to the terms and conditions

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