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How To Update Bgmi

The latest version of bgmi is out, and you will never want to miss this out. This article will help you to know “how to update bgmi.”

It is one of the top leading online battleground games played by many people worldwide. The exciting battleground keeps your total interest in the game due to its high attributes.

Latest Update Of Bgmi

Krafton will launch a futuristic version of 1.8.0. This up-to-date category contains additional characteristics that make it further compelling. The 1.7.0 genre consisted of a mirror world look, smoke grenade, piggyback effect-like features, and various life events and characters.

The currently available edition is 1.7.0, but it’s winter redevelops 1.8.0 will launch in January 2022.

Latest Upgrade 1.8.0 Features

The main attributes of this recent 1.8 beta form are stunning to make your arcade experience extra superb. This release contains tons of weapons, facts, maps, rewards, outfits, and many other things.

  1. Vikendi 2.0
  2. Blue Zone
  3. Revive by swimming in water
  4. Dirt Bike
  5. 8vs8
  6. Sanhok 3.0
  7. Mission Ignition 3.0
  8. K2 Assault Rifle (AR) Gun
  9. AS-VAL Gun
  10.  Sniper Gun advanced
  11. Recent Arena Map Code-C
  12. Demolition Map Zone (in Karakin Only)
  13. Paramo Map
  14. TAEGO Map
  15. Modern Bride 2.0
  16. Fresh Vehicle Motor Glider (First Air Vehicle)
  17. Hyundai Pony Coupe Car
  18. Up to the minute Throwables like Sticky Bombs
  19. C4 Explosive
  20. Contemporary Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle
  21. Mountain Bike
  22. Modish Panzerfaust and Mosin Nagant weapons
  23. C1S4 Royale Pass M7 and M8
 The below methods will show you the technique of updating the battleground game.

How To Update Bgmi In Android

To refurbish battleground to the latest adaptation, follow these steps:

  • Go to the play store and search for it.
  • If you have already downloaded the game, you will see the update option here. Click on that, and your battleground arcade will get reconditioned.
How To Update Bgmi In Android

How To Update Bgmi In iOS

Improve your battleground in iPhone by adhering to this method:

How To Update Bgmi In iOS

Size Of Recent Update

Recently available 1.8 modified battleground size is 767MBs.

1.7.0 Update

Krafton released this 1.7 form in November 2021, and everyone is enjoying playing in the battleground with lots of weapons, maps, rewards, and many other exciting things.

The main qualities included in the 1.7 sorts are very much attention-grabbing and keeping the players towards the console. Some of the main characteristics of 1.7 are as follows.

  1. Piggyback lets you carry the knocked-out team’s players on the back.
  2. Mirror world theme
  3. Character transformation
  4. Mirror Island is only available in erangel
  5. Hextech Crystal In Erangel enables you to buy items ten times better during the console. It is only available on the minimap.
  6. Wind Barrier in a mirror world will enable you to enter different zones.
  7. Arcane Monster You have to defeat the monster to get the loot and hextech crystal. You can find this in the erangel map and mirror island.
  8.  Added the notification icon of elimination.
  9. It adjoined a smoke grenade effect.
  10. Grenade indicators are also present in a few variants.
  11. It includes Creative Character Anna.
  12. They also added some buttons such as difficulty level.
  13. Notification for survivor number

1.6.5 Version

In this modified form, the krafton had introduced some of the main properties such as:

  • Survive till dawn
  • Power of Runic
  • Titans
  • Last stand
  • Metro royale
  • Payload

1.6 Update

Krafton launched the 1.6 release in September 2021. It had unique hallmarks that made it possible for the krafton to launch more and more contemporaries to make the Nintendo easily accessible and exciting. The most common qualities that are there in the 1.6 type include :

  • Vikendi map
  • Enemies tracking method
  • Evo ground
  • Quick scope adjustment
  • Hold to prone
  • Sound effects for the headshot
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Minimap
  • Universal mark
  • Buddy costume system
  • Comparison feature
  • Health bar
  • Balancing
  • Route for flight
  • Modish Weapons
  • Modern animations
  • Tier growth graph

How To Download Bgmi Apk

To load battleground games in apk form, follow the steps given below.

  • Allow the download from unknown sources in the settings of your phone.
  • Click on the given link of bgmi apk.
  • Once the loading completes, install the apk on your android or iOS.
  • Now open the video game and login into it.
  • You are now ready to play the exciting game.

Download Latest 1.8 Update:

You can compute the newest edition, 1.8, from the google play store if you are an Android user.

You can efficiently add it to your iOS through the apple store.

However, if you want to load its apk, you can access it from the given link.

Battleground mobile app is also available on their official website.

The points mentioned above show how to update bgmi on your devices.

How To Download Bgmi Apk


Although there are many battleground games out there, bgmi is one of the famous games that provide several beneficial traits to the players and add more ease for the play teams. Refashion it to the latest version and enjoy playing the game without inconvenience.

Frequently asked questions and answer

There is a possibility of low storage due to which the game is not updating on your device. Clear cache, delete unwanted files, and keep a fast internet connection to redo it at the latest version.

Currently, krafton released a 1.7 streamline in November 2021. But soon, in January 2022, they will release the 1.8 version of this great round officially.

The problem with the game not getting downloaded from the play store is that your mobile may have no space to access this app. It is also possible that the discussed amusement is not available in your country. That’s why it is not scraping on your device.

You can access its apk from a third-party service to download it without the play store. For this, you have to go to the browser and search for the respective apk; you will get the link for downloading battleground in apk format without the play store.

If your play store is not showing the updates, try the below-mentioned steps.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Clear cache
  • Restart your device

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