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Read this article if you want to know How to remove the kinemaster watermark. It will bring a solution for you. Kinemaster is the best video editor that makes videos super cool and interesting. It has amazing features such as adding effects, texts, background images, stickers, transitions, multi-layer effects, and much more. It is a fast app that functions smoothly and properly. Most of the features are free, but the advanced ones are available on subscription only. Kinemaster download options are available in the play store and apple store.

Although Kinemaster is a good app, watermarks appear on the videos in the free version. But no worries, there are certain very helpful ways to remove watermarks from videos.

Best Methods To Remove Kinemaster Watermark

The watermark on edited videos in apps doesn’t look good in most cases. Therefore there are multiple methods by which you can remove the watermark in the kinemaster. 

Some of the ways are mentioned below in detail.

Kinemaster Premium

Officially kinemaster premium version is available, which purchasable to avail of its paid features. Kinemaster premium makes no watermark videos.

In addition to this feature, kinemaster premium also includes no ads and unlimited free assets.

Download Kinemaster Premium

kinemaster premium apk download is now available. Enjoy the bundle of features along with the element of removing the kinemaster watermark in this apk.

Kinemaster Without Watermark apps in Android

Crop And Trim Video

 kinemaster no watermark is necessary for many videos. For this purpose, a bundle of apps is available. One such app is Crop and Trim Video. You can use this app to edit the watermark.

  • First, install the app
  •  open the app
  •  Select the kinemaster watermarked video and import it to remove the watermark
  • Now there appears a box-like tool on the video.
  • Move this box over the video to cut the unwanted part that contains the kinemaster watermark.
  • Now your watermark-free video is ready for export and share.


It is free to use

Works efficiently


Editing properties are not present in this Android app.

Download kinemaster without watermark apk and make your video watermark-free,

Kinemaster Without Watermark

Remove Kinemaster Watermark In IOS

Don’t worry if you are an iOS user because the kinemaster watermark remover app is available for iPhone. You can easily download the app on your iPhone devices to permanently remove the watermark within minutes.

Remove Kinemaster Watermark In IOS

 Video eraser-Remove Logo

This app works efficiently to remove the kinemaster watermark. For using this app, follow these steps

  • Install Video eraser-Remove logo
  • Please open it
  • Select the kinemaster video by clicking on the Plus sign
  • The video will open in the app
  • There appears a video icon on the interface; click it and select the option of removing the watermark
  • A rectangular body will appear to move it over the video to exclude the watermark portion of the video.
  • Once the rectangle is adjusted, click the start tick to proceed further.
  • After video processing, you can share and save it on your device.

Kinemaster Watermark Remover In Windows


You can also remove watermarks in windows by using different tools. Some tools work efficiently. One such tool is Remove Logo Now. Use this tool for erasing the logos, watermarks, and many other elements by using it. 

Although it somewhat lowers the video quality, it is a good tool to remove the watermarks.

 Remove Logo Now is very simple to use.

  • Download and install the software on your PC
  • Launch it
  • Click on the add file sign and select the video you want to remove the watermark from
  • Select the watermark on the video, and Remove Logo Now will remove the watermark from it.
  • You can also click on the “find logo” option. As a result, the software will find the watermark.
  • There appears a start option at the lower right side of the page click on it. As a result, the watermark will will removed.
  • select the format.
  • Now save and export your kinemaster watermark free video
 Watermark Remover In Windows

Apowersoft Watermark Remover

It is a paid tool for removing the kinemaster watermark. A very simple and user-friendly interface appears on the screen. It supports various video formats.

To use this program for removing the watermark in the kinemaster, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Download and install the software on your PC
  • Select Remove Watermark from Video and then click on the plus sign to import the video that has a kinemaster watermark on it
  • Highlight the kinemaster watermark by clicking on the selection tool
  • Finally, click the ok button to proceed with the video.
  • After processing video will automatically save on your computer


Support various formats

Works efficiently


It has limited features for video editing

It is a paid program

Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Video Logo Remover

It is another software for removing the watermark from the kinemaster videos. It has a clear interface that is easy to use by everyone. It takes very much less space on your computer. It removes the watermark and removes the Logo and other unnecessary items from the video. 

To remove the watermark in kinemaster videos, this is a good option to go. 

Follow the following uncomplicated steps to use this software without any inconveniences.

  • Download the software on your PC
  • Now Open it
  • There appears an icon of “Load Video File” click on it to import the video from the media.
  • Now click on the “Set logo area” and select the watermark on the video. Click the “Ok button.” 
  • Finally, click the ” Remove Logo” button on the interface to proceed further.
  • Now your watermark-free KineMaster video is ready to view, share and save.

The main advantage t of this software is that it works fast and processes the video within minutes. 

The negative point is that it may lack some of the selection tools.

You can easily use both software mentioned above to remove Kinemaster watermarks from videos

video logo remover


Another known software to remove the kinemaster watermark is MarkGo, available on windows. It is an easily understandable interface.

To use this for watermark removal purposes, follow all the below steps.

  • Download iMyFone MarkGo 
  • Launch it
  • Open the software, and out of all four features available, select removing the video watermark.
  • Select a video by clicking on “add a video.”
  • Once the video is uploaded, drag the “selection box” that appears and set it on the watermark. You can adjust the size of the selection box according to the watermark size.
  • Now you are done with it, export your video and enjoy.
MarkGo watermark remover

Remove Kinemaster Watermark Online

If you want to remove kinemaster watermarks online, not with any app or software, you can use the online tools available to remove watermarks in kinemaster videos.

Following are the best online tools to remove watermarks.

Watermark Remover Online Too

Everyone can access this tool for free. For using this tool, a strong internet connection is very necessary. To use this tool for this purpose, go to their official online website.

  • After opening the website, an interface shows two options, one for removing the watermark from videos and the other for removing the watermark from photos.
  • Select the video watermark remover option
  •  Now a button of upload will appear on the screen, click on it and upload the video you want to remove the watermarks from
  • After this, click on the remove watermark option and wait for a few minutes until the online tool processes your video.
  • Finally, your watermark-free kinemaster video is ready to view.


It works fast and supports many different formats to remove the watermarks.


It does not have advanced options for editing videos.

Remove Kinemaster Watermark Online


 Another amazing online tool is available to remove the kinemaster watermark from videos. As it is an online tool, you will need a fast internet connection for using it.

It does not lower the video quality. It works best when the watermark is in the corner of the video.

For using this online tool, follow these steps.

  • Browse kapwing
  • Upload the video in the tool by clicking on the click to upload option
  • Once the video is imports, there appears a cut option. Click on it and start cropping your kinemaster video to remove the watermark.
  • After properly cropping the video, click on the done cropping and then the publish button 
  • Here you are done with the kinemaster watermark removal procedure.

Other Ways To Remove KineMaster Watermark

Lucky Patcher

Another way to remove kinemaster watermarks is to Download the lucky patcher app.

  • Open it and select kinemaster.
  • Open the main menu of lucky patcher and check the top two options and finally click on apply option 
  • Now open the kinemaster app
  • go to account settings
  • select the app purchase and click on buy now
  • A page will appear on the mobile screen asking you to buy a kinemaster for free click yes 
  • Now you have the premium kinemaster version and enjoy video editing without watermark.

How can I remove a watermark from a video?

To remove watermarks from a video, here are multiple ways.

  •  Install crop and trim video in your Android and use this app to remove a watermark from a video
  • If you are an iPhone user, install the Video eraser-Remove Logo app for watermark removing
  • However, if you want to remove the watermark online, then try Apowersoft Watermark Remover, Marko, or video Logo Remover software by browsing them
  • You can also use kinemaster mod apk or kinemaster premium for this purpose.


The tools mentioned above, programs, apps, and online services, are best to remove the kinemaster watermark from videos. You can use any of them that seems best for watermark removal.

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