How To Remove Filmora Watermark With The Most Proven Ways

how to remove Filmora watermark

There are many video editing apps out there, and Filmora is one of them. It is a top leading app used by a huge population due to its impressive features. Although Filmora is a top-rated app, it leaves the movie with a sign in its free version. But no worries, there are many ways by which you can understand “How to remove Filmora watermark .”Check below the apps, websites, software, and other tools for removing the marks from filmora 10, Filmora go, and Wondershare filmora free.

Top Ways On How To Remove Filmora Watermark

Official Method

There is a formal process by which you can easily erase the logo. Purchase the premium version of the Filmora and enjoy editing free of marks.

To follow the official procedure, stick to the points mentioned below.

  • Download and install Wondershare Filmora
  • Launch the software
  • Open the app and go to the “purchase” icon.
  • Here click “buy now,” and a new page will open before you.
  • Select any available plans
  • Fill the form and make the payment.
  • You will get a registration code in the email.
  • You can get the coupon code by simply clicking on the banner.
  • Enter that registration code on the Filmora page “Register your software.”
  • Now you will receive a confirmation message shortly in your email.
  • Enjoy text and logo unbound editing with more interesting features as well.

In the free filmora account, you can not make a sign free video.


Android Apps For Removing Filmora Logo

Remove And Add Watermark

It is an Android app that you can easily use for removing the logo.

To use this app, follow the given steps:

  • Install it on your Android
  • Open the app, click on the “select video” option, and choose the removed sign to import the footage for removing the embedded data.
  • Once the visual is imported, select the symbol area with the help of selection tools in the app.
  • Now your wondershare filmora embedded data clean footage is ready to save.

Remove Logo From Video

To use this app, follow the given points:

  • Download it from the google play store
  • Install and open it
  • Select the emblemed clip
  • Select logo by moving the rectangle over it
  • Tap Remove logo
  • Preview the final result and export Wondershare watermark free video.


  • Free app
  • Easy to use
  • Erases small emblems very well


  • Contain ads
  • Not effective for removing very large signs. However, you can blur the big logos and add another figure to hide the previous emblem.

Another app included for this purpose in Android consists of the Video eraser.

IOS Applications For Filmora Watermark Remover

Video Eraser – Remove Logo

Filmora for iPhone also left the symbol on the editing videos. One of the iOS apps for erasing the logo is the Video Eraser- Remove logo. It performs well, but like many other apps, ads appear in the app during cutting out the mark but overall, it is a good choice for making the symbol free clip.

Follow these points to use the app as mentioned above in your iOS:

  • Install the app on your device
  • Now open the application and click on the “More” option
  • Choose “Crop video” to extract the emblem and move the clip from which you want to clear the sign.
  • Once it is transferred, place the rectangular bar tool on the symbol to eliminate it.
  • Select the ratio in which you want to share and save it
  • Now your clip is ready to save and export.
iOS Applications For Filmora Watermark Remover

How To Remove Filmora Watermark Using Windows Software

Remove Logo Now

This software is designed to analyze the signs such as images and subtitles. Once the Ideograms are detected, they are erased easily. One of its drawbacks is that it may affect the film quality during the process.

It is a paid software but can be used without charge in its free version for the respective purposes.

To eliminate symbols, follow these simple steps

  • Launch this software
  • Add file and import visual
  • Click on find signs so that the software will analyze the Ideogram by itself
  • Use marker tool and slider to adjust the figure section on the footage manually
  • Click on the clear section
  • Finally, export your clip to save it in the device


  • Detects and delete symbols
  • User-friendly software


  • You can grab all features only in the pro version
  • Consume time while exporting the final clip


It is one of the fast working software that erases the characters so efficiently. It is very easy to use to erase the indication within minutes.

To use Apowersoft in your windows, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First Download and Install the Apowersoft on your PC
  • Launch it on your computer
  • Open it, and there, you will see multiple options. Choose to remove the figure from the clip
  • Upload that clip from which you want to separate it by clicking on the plus sign that appears on the screen
  • go to the “selection tool” and then pick the badge
  • Finally, process and save it by tapping the “convert” button.


It is another well-known software that can help you eliminate the symbol and other subjects from your clips effortlessly.

The following steps are on how to remove the Filmora watermark using HitPaw.

  • Download and launch the HitPaw
  • Now open this software
  • Press on the “Remove sign.”
  • Choose video and then drag and drop it on the screen
  • Sort out the full badge from it
  • Now select the duration
  • You can preview it
  • Finally, click on the “Remove and Export” and enjoy sharing your sign free footage
HitPaw Windows Software

Video Converter Studio

It is a recommended software for removing the motif from visuals. This software detects the badge automatically from the films and makes the removal process handier. It also allows you to edit the clip by adjusting the frame, saturation, contrast and enables cropping, changing the time, and adding subtitles. Although it is paid software and costs $40, you can also benefit from its trial version. It is also used for converting the video into another format without losing the original quality.


  • Easy to use
  • Video convert option available in this software
  • Unique and common editing features are present
  • No lacking problem


  • For taking benefit from all the features, you have to purchase this software
  • More advanced features are lacking

EasePaint Watermark Expert

It adds the mosaic layer over the symbol. Below are the steps on how to remove the filmora watermark.

  • Download and launch software from the official website
  • Now open it and Add an image or clip
  • Select badge area
  • Tap on start erase
  • Once you are done with this process, then save the final result


This software has immense features such as trimming, zooming and cutting.

You can use this software as well for emblem removal purposes. The below-mentioned steps will help you in using the software.

  • Open the software and import the clip
  • Select format
  • Click on the Crop option
  • A dotted crop frame will appear on the screen drag it on the sign
  • Erase it and export the final figure clear clip


It is a handy software for many purposes, such as cutting, cropping, and trimming videos. VSDC perfectly helps on How to remove the Filmora watermark.

 The below-mentioned points will help you to the fullest.

  • Select the video sign fragment by adjusting the blue portion over it
  • Tap the cut areas tab to clear the badge
  • Click on the apply changes to export it to the device

How To Remove Filmora Watermark Online

Video Watermark Remover Online

Online platforms are very convenient because there is no need to utilize your time downloading the software. It is a fast-performing tool. To use this for removing motifs, follow the given four easiest steps.

  • Go to their official website
  • Upload the clip to the site
  • click on the erase sign. It may take a while.
  • Once the conversion completes, you can download it on your device.

Although you can use this online platform on the loose, there is a limit of 5 clips per month. Enjoy many more features and complete footage stamp removal by purchasing premium online.


Apowersoft also provides an online platform for removing the logo permanently.

To use this online platform for symbol eraser, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the official apowersoft website
  • Two options will pop up on the screen; select the “Remove Watermark from Video” tab
  • Now import the clip here
  • ┬áplace the selection box on the sign portion of the uploaded tape
  • Click the “erase” button
  • To save the final insignia clear movie, click on the “download” choice.


  • Supports video and image files
  • Without charge software
  • Eliminate badge efficiently
  • No need to install the Apowersoft


  • Final processing may take a long time to save in the device
  • The maximum size should be 50MB.
Remove Filmora Watermark Online

How To Remove Filmora Watermark Free

The below-mentioned software is best to get rid of watermarks without cost.

Online Watermark Remover

It would be better to have a strong internet connection to use this software.

  • Go to their official website
  • Upload the file here
  • Click on the remove symbol option and adjust the duration
  • Save your processed clip by clicking on the Save button.

How To Trim Video In Filmora

Follow the given steps

  • Import the clip
  • Before adding to the timeline, cut the video by double-clicking and adjusting the marks on the footage
  • Now trim video on the timeframe
  • Export the final clip


Many tools, software, apps, and online platforms are available to erase the logos easily. The methods mentioned above are the top ways on how to remove the filmora watermark. Try any of these ways and make your clip more eye-catching. 

Frequently asked questions and answer

There are many ways to clear signs from videos without any charges. Such as Online watermark remover, Remove logo from video, Apowersoft, and many other apps, software, and online platforms available for this.

To erase emblems from Filmora x, you can try their free 30 days trial. Other methods include many different apps, software, and online platforms such as apowersoft, Online logo Remover, HitPaw, Remove logo now, VideoProc, and many others that allow users to erase symbols.

In the free filmora version, a watermark appears on the video. However, if you purchase a filmora plan, there will be no watermark on the edited clips

To get rid of the filmora badge, you can use different software and apps such as Remove logo now, Apowersoft, Hitpaw, and you can also make a filmora plan purchase to enjoy sign free videos.

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