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Free fire is a mobile game, but you can also play it on other devices. So if you want to know How to play free fire on Laptop, this article will help you.Free fire is one of Garena’s best battle royale and action shooter games. It keeps the player’s total focus on the battlefield due to its high features. As a result, it is the most downloaded game app.

How To Download Free fire In Laptop

To download free fire on your Laptop, follow these simple steps and enjoy playing the action shooter game on your Laptop.

Garena free fire download for pc can also be done by following methods.


  • Search bluestacks on your web browser and download it from their official website
  • Once the installation of bluestacks is complete, then open it
  • In bluestacks, go to the play store and sign in to it
  • Search Garena free fire in the play store
  • Now Install free fire from here
  • Once the installation finishes, open the free fire in Laptop and log in to it¬†
  • After logging in, you can enjoy playing the free fire on the Laptop or pc.

Memu Installer

Another method for downloading and playing the free fire on a laptop/pc is given below

  • Download and install memu Installer
  • Open menu Installer when the download is completed
  • Go to Google play store in the memu Installer and sign in to your Google account
  • Now search free fire in this google play store
  • Download and install the free fire game video
  • Once the installation completes, open free fire and login into it.
  • Now enjoy playing free fire on a Laptop at a fast speed with the help of the memu play.

Memu emulator also works fast and play a key role in downloading Garena free fire official on Laptop.

 Emulator for free fire other than blustack is also available such as LDPlayer, Gameloop, Andy and PrimeOS, which you can use for playing free fire on a laptop or Mac and PC. These all are the emulators of free fire for pc without bluestacks.

Memu Installer

How To Play Free Fire In Laptop

Free fire is the most competitive battleground in which only one player survives at the end. Full of exciting weapons and fast vehicles, this game not only makes you stick to the game but also brings you back to the island again and again. The free fire laptop version is not developed by the Garena developer yet; therefore, you have to download an emulator for playing free fire on the Laptop.

Download free fire by following all the steps mentioned earlier

To play free fire on a laptop, the following is the method

  • Open the game and start by clicking on the start button that appears on the right down corner and then clicking the mouse’s left button; the game will begin.
  • After a few seconds, an aeroplane will appear, now you can land at any place.
  • To select the place of landing, you can check the map by clicking on the M button of the keyboard and then pushing the control button.
  • Now press on the “back” option that appears on the screen.
  • Click on the control key arrow to release and press the F key on the keyboard.
  • To move, use the mouse.
  • To get a parachute for the early landing push E key, you will get the parachute and start the forward movement.
  • Once you land on the battleground following keys will help you survive and fight.

Run Key

If you want to run, click the shift button

Stop Running Key

If you want to stop running, press the “shift” button again

 Punch Key

For punching, click the “left key of the mouse.”

Weapon Key

Get weapon by pressing the F button on the keyboard

Moving Left Key

To move left, press A

Moving Right Key

To move on the right side in the battleground, click D

Moving Forward Key

Use the W button on the keyboard for moving forward

Moving Back Key:

To go backside downward, push the S button

Jump Key

Suppose you want to jump on the battlefield of free fire press “Space bar”. Jumping is necessary if other players are near you for going away from them.

Change Gun Key

For changing the gun, click 1. To take another weapon, press 2, hold a weapon other than one and two, click 3. Click the keys 1 upto the guns you have. For example, if you want to remove the gun down and have four guns, press 5 to remove the weapon and if you have three guns, press 4 to remove the gun. You can also click F for pulling the gun.

Key For Turning On Gun Scope

Press the “right side key of the mouse” for setting the gun scope on a point

Firing Key

For shooting, click on the “LEFT side button of the mouse.”

Map Key

Click M to open the map

Laying Down Key

Press Z for laying down in the battleground

Sitting Key

If you want to sit, press C

Standing Again Key

For standing again on the island, press the C key

Key For Opening Bag

During the game, you can open your bag by pressing the TAB button

Medical Kit Key

Press 5 for the medical kit

Essential For Sitting In Vehicle

Click F for getting in the car or riding on the bike. And press W to move your vehicle.

Leave Vehicle Key

Press F again for this purpose

Revive Player Key

Press F key for reviving

Collection Key

The F key is used for collecting guns and other things from the ground.

Key For Escaping Through Window

If you want to leave a place through the window, click the “space bar.”

How To Play Free Fire In Laptop

Free Fire Features

Free fire offers many game modes to play and survive against many players worldwide. You can find several customizations and options for your weapons, including skins.Free fire is a most exciting battle game due to its high graphics, superior to other gaming apps. Free fire has unique keys that help play the game with more energy. Control keys help to hold on in the game till the end. Players have many options such as running, laying down, sitting, using vehicles and weapons, reviving players and many more for killing other players and winning the game by staying in the game till last. Free fire updates after every few months to keep players more engaged in the game.

Free Fire Features

Pros And Cons Of Playing Free Fire In Laptop


  • No more limitations of battery
  • No disturbance due to random calls or messages
  • You can enjoy the game on a big screen even for a long time


  • The game may lag if the storage is less than 4 GB in Laptop
  • You have to must download an emulator for playing free fire on Laptop, Mac or PC


Free fire, an action battle game, is played by many people. It has unique features that keep the player engaged throughout the game. Achieving more and more diamonds, clothes, skins, and many customizations makes you a pro-level player and makes it easy to survive in the game. Playing free fire on a laptop makes it more fascinating because it grabs more attention of the player on the screen without giving any disturbance. You can play a free fire game in windows by downloading any best emulator. The laptops games download option is available in different emulators such as bluestacks, memu installer and many more. The free fire game install process is straightforward, so download it now and enjoy playing free fire.

Frequently asked questions and answer

To play free fire on a laptop, first, download a good emulator such as memu Installer or BlueStacks. Once the emulator is downloaded, search for free fire in the Google play store appearing in the emulator by signing in to it. Once the free fire installation completes, open it, log in, and play the free fire battle royale.

Free fire is developed as a mobile app. But you can also play free fire on other devices such as mac, pc and laptops by downloading bluestacks or any other emulator.

To play a free fire action game without BlueStacks, download another emulator, the memu Installer or any other and enjoy playing free fire on it.

To play free fire on pc, download an emulator such as BlueStacks or memu installer and download the free fire from the google play store appearing on the emulator. Once the free fire is installed, you can open it and enjoy its vast features.

You cannot download free fire without an emulator on a PC or Laptop because Garena has not developed a PC version of the free-fire yet. So for playing free fire on a laptop or PC, you must download an emulator first.

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