how to get free UC in bgmi | Methods To Get Free UC

how to get free UC in bgmi

Are you a big lover of bgmi and want to know methods of “how to get free UC in bgmi” for buying more and more items? Don’t worry. This article covers all those methods you can use to get the free game currency.

It is a famous battlefield multiplayer game. It is an online game where you can buy several items to make it more interesting. However, for purchasing those things such as skin, weapons, and many more, you need “unknown cash.”

There are specific ways by which you can get free currency in the battleground mobile app. As a result, you can make the game more joyful and fascinating.

 Get UC in Bgmi now and make the game more interesting by purchasing many treasures, costumes, weapons, skin, companions, and much more.

6 Best Methods To get free UC in bgmi

The following are the most common methods by which you can understand how to get free UC in bgmi.

Giveaways By Channels And Pages

Many channels on YouTube and many pages on social media give unknown cash as gifts. To get them by this procedure, you need to watch such channels and pages and visit them more often to stay tuned. In addition, you need to participate in the contests. As a result, you will earn game currency free of cost.

Giveaways By Channels And Pages

Google Opinion Rewards

There are many apps out there that offer unknown cash purchases for free. Google Opinion Rewards is one of the free anonymous currency apps. This app allows you to participate in different surveys and earn a balance in google play.

  • It is an official app, so you can make purchases such as buying apps and not known cash.
  • Once you earn, go to the shop in the battleground game.
  • Choose the item you want to buy.
  • An option of “payment method” will appear before you.
  • Select the google play balance.
  • Now you can enjoy playing with different things.
  • You will get the items of your need in this process effortlessly.

Poll Pay App

It is one of the other best apps for getting free unknown currency. In this app, you have to attend some quizzes and tasks. As a result, the rewards will be added to your Google play balance. From here, you can use them in respective game shops for making any purchases.

Custom Tournaments

It is one of the best ways to understand how to get free UC in bgmi. Many YouTubers create custom rooms and host them to offer prizes like free in-game currency, weapons, items, and elite Royale pass. You can earn these prizes by taking part in such events. In this way, you have the chance to compete and get free awards.

Royal-Pass Earn UC

It is another app available on the play store in which you have to complete the daily tasks to win free in-game currency. By doing the mission, you will earn coins that will be equivalent to the game’s items. Then, you can withdraw those coins to get the required arcade objects.

Amazon Gift Cards

It is one of the other best ways to earn free in-game cash. Many websites give some tasks, and you get amazon gift cards when you are done with those projects. Trade those gift vouchers with other players, and you will get the cash used in the game.

Pubg UC buy free is also possible by the above methods like in-game cash earning apps, custom rooms, amazon gift cards, and various giveaways.

Pubg mobile free UC apps include earning unknown cash, Pubg mobile free UC, Daily UC and Royal Pass, and many more.

Amazon Gift Cards

How to purchase UC in BGMI

There are also specific means by which you can purchase to get the in-game currency. One of the ways to know how to get free UC in bgmi is given below.

The given steps will also show you, “How can I buy 10 UC in Bgmi.”

Purchase UC By Using Google Play Credit

  • Open the game on your mobile
  • Select the UC option that appears as a plus sign on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • A list of Unknown cash will appear in front of you
  • Select the one that suits you best
  • After selection, the payment page will appear; select the google play balance from here
  • Click on the payment process and prefer the “continue” option
  • Once the process completes, these will be transferred to your battleground game account

              Bgmi UC purchase midasbuy is not available yet. However, you can get Pubg in-game currency through midasbuy.

The points mentioned above are authentic and will surely help you know how to get free UC in bgmi.

How to purchase UC in BGMI

How Do You Give UC in Bgmi?

Follow the given steps if you want to provide UC with someone in this game.

  • Open the game app and click on the friend’s option available on the home screen top left side below your arcade account.
  • Choose the id of that person to whom you want to send the game money.
  • Here a choice of send gift appears. Click on that option.
  • ¬†Two alternatives will pop up, one for the present in the shop and the other GIFT for spaces.
  • Select any one chance out of these two and choose the item you want to send if you’re going to give unknown money, select it.
  • You have first to make the payment.
  • Once you pay, the software will send your selected item to the other person.
How Do You Give UC in Bgmi


Play battleground mobile games like Noob by earning like a pro. It is an online multiplayer game that anyone can play throughout the world. To make the game more interesting, buying items like costumes, weapons, skins, crates, treasures, battle passes, and companions are required. It’s necessary to have unknown cash to purchase items. To get more and more in-game credit, you need enough information on how to get free UC in bgmi. For this, the methods mentioned above, including giveaways, unknown currency earning apps, websites, custom rooms, and some social platforms, are the most common ways to get free credit in battleground mobile.

Frequently asked questions and answer

There is no official way to get free Unknown cash in battleground mobile games. However, you can get free game currency by following specific strategies. These methods include giveaways, certain apps, websites, and custom tournaments mostly arranged by YouTubers.

To make UC for free, here are some apps available in which we are given some tasks, and we have to complete all those missions to make it accessible. Another method in the list is giveaways from different pages and channels. Joining custom tournaments is also an excellent way to utilize them for free.

To avail Unknown cash at a lower price, use Coda shop. Although there is another method of purchasing UC: google play balance, you would not get many discounts here. However, codashop offers discounts; As a result, you will get in-game cash at a cheaper rate.

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